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I stood up for myself after sexually violated by a pervert in a minivan and no one supported me!

I am 24 and have been harassed many times (one way or another) but this incident is really shocking. Here’s why:

As usual I finished my 2 hrs run at lebanese university (it’s close to my house and I feel comfortable running there, better than running on the street). When I existed the university and walked a small distance I noticed a guy (aged 17-18) following me. I took a van (small one #4) he followed me and sat next to me.

He tried to start a conversation with me but I clearly stated that am older than him and I dont want to talk to him! he then started to touch my thighs with his fingers:

so I told him:”shu 3am ta3mol!”

He said: “ma shi!”

I can’t remember what happened after but when he wanted to leave the van I stood so he could go down .. his put his hands on my back!!

so I was fed up w I shouted b al van” enta 23od! shu 3melet hal2?! ma fye tenzal! w b kel baradet a3sab bred: ma shi! ana kamalet w edam al kel: ween hatet edak?!

2ali: majnoni enti!

told him: enta al bala a5la2! w hal haki kelo edam al nas w edam al driver!

nezel howi w ma hada 2alo kelmi!!!!! I felt so defeated!! cuz I did what I had to do! although there were 2 men and a women and the van driver!! none of them said a single word!!!!! what a society we live in!! I feel so sorry to even be part of such a community

Submitted by Malak

Location: Hadi Nassrallah Boulevard

Time of harassment: 16-20: Afternoon Rush Hour / العصر

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