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“i literally choked..could not speak out trying to say no..”

More than one incident.. more than one lousy experience..

first time 18 years ago when i was 12 where our family friend made a move on me.. this went on for three years..

during this period another man in his 50s made a move when i was in a shop trying out some outfits in the changing room.. i came out and he was waiting.. my cousin was with the emplyee in a different floor.. and i literally choked..could not speak out trying to say no.. he touched me.. asking me to open my legs while standing up with his filthy breath over my face.. and then he managed to stop with my cousins voice calling my name.. so he let me go..

and those couple of minutes were just another incident that made me believe that this was normal about men..but we just dont share them.. people dont share them..

Skipping other incidents.. coming to the last two when i was at university.. once at cola in the taxi cab.. a very old man wanted to take the cab.. he did not have money..so the driver said sorry.. i cannot take you and i offered to pay for him.. he got in on the back seat next to me.. a couple of minutes later.. the whole seat was shaking.. i thought something wrong has happened to him.. i turned to look and there he was a 60 something old man playing with him self with his penis totally out..

the next year walking to my husbands place (at that time he was still my boyfriend).. this car pulls over next to me on Spears Street in Beirut, a man called out asking for directions, i got closer to the window trying to help out.. apparantly his intentions were different.. he just wanted to show off his penis infront of me.. and was as well.. playing with himself..

Now i have a daughter.. i just want to protect her.. i dont know if me speaking out and joining campaigns would be enough.. but still.. im trying and will always do..

Submitted by SDB

Location:  Beirut

Time of harassment: 10-16: Daytime / عز النهار

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