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Harassed & Flashed in Sassine in Broad Daylight

This is the second time i post here, this is a sign that something is definitely wrong! no girl is safe.

Anyway there was this one time, where me and my friend(a girl) were walking back to my place from sassine square, we got to the alley after “Ogero” , so i felt that someone was following us, so i looked back just to make sure (it has become a reflex since my last accident where i almost got raped)…

There was this guy who looked like a hobo, and he had a really weird expression on his face, and that’s when i realized that he was actually masturbating behind us ! i just couldn’t believe my eyes!

i told my friend to run when i tell her to, So i turned back and started yelling at him and i went after him,and he ran away, so i turned back to my friend and screamed and told her to run !

and that’s how i escaped my second harassment ! jeez, is there no morals anymore in this country ? i just can’t trust anyone anymore, not even my own boyfriend sometimes !

Submitted by M.K.

Location: N/A

Time of harassment: 16-20: Afternoon Rush Hour / العصر

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