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“Do you want your reputation to be tarnished? a man would not make this move unless he is ‘invited’!”

I just arrived to the country after many years studying in a European country and after a few years of the end of the war. Full with motivation and enthusiasm, I was lucky to find a job in a governmental institution, where I had to mount a lab. from scratch. Because of that, the presence of a handy man was kind of necessary at all times! so we got used to each other though within the professional limits.It is useful to say that this handy man was very close to the management for his diligent services.

One eid came and he wanted to greet me. I extended my Hand to shake his, but I felt that he did not like this or considered it as not enough for all what he did to my lab (it was his duty). He said: you think I cannot take a kiss from you? I felt it inappropriate to kiss him or simply I did not want to kiss him! He took my hand, pulled it towards him and pulled me with it, tried to kiss me and in the same token touched my breast with his other big hand!!

I ran like a crazy to the the Director’s office. It was obvious from my look, voice and colour that I’ve lived something horrible! but the director tried to undermine it.

I went to the disciplinary council for civil servants where I met a woman and I was still under the shock! May be I have to be grateful that she believed me! She said: Do you want your reputation to be tarnished and be subjected to investigations and Q&As?? you are still a young lady (bint)! Yes, this is how harassment is treated in Lebanon!

when back to the office I was told that the Director subtracted 3 working days from the wage of that handy man! wow! how cheap this harassment was!! I was not able anyway to confirm or see a proof about this.

Later on, I met with the Director General who called me to his office, not to comfort me or kind of apologize! but rather to deepen the knife in me. He said, I do not think a man would make this move unless he is ‘invited’ …. That was another harassment isn’t it?? in my heart I said Tfeh!!

Me, the one who lived in Europe to get my Master degree and PhD, came to Lebanon to express my needs with a handy man almost as old as my father. Yes, unfortunately, this is the way we handle harassment in Lebanon.

Submitted by MEIBM

Location:  Fanar, Mount Lebanon

Time of harassment: 10-16: Daytime / عز النهار

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