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Sexually harassed at work… and told by the company to ignore it!

I am a site civil engineer. When i was assigned this job I was really excited, since for a civil engineer working on site holds great experience. I am the only girl there, the first couple of months i had to put up with my co-workers telling dirty stories with me in the same place.

A 50 year old foreman actually told one of the employees you should talk dirty to your fiancee. girls like that! they pretend not to. bas 7kiyon men l zennar w nezel w shouf kif byenbestou. I yelled and shouted at him but it was in vain.

Most of the engineers on site are very religious so they dont talk to me much except for one and since he was very experienced and I had recently graduated I was excited to work with him.

The harassment didnt start till 4 months after i started working there. from touching whatevr he gets to touch (my back, hands, pretty much whatevr he can touch while passing by me or giving me instructions) three to four times while we are working on our laptops on the same table i caught him playing with himself) he always winks, flirts and says dirty stuff to me.

I made a complaint to my company and they just said ignore him…yea that Will work! I am looking for a new job now, i tried to ignore the whole taboo of not talking abt the harassment to protect myself and it didnt work.

Submitted by S.N.A.

Location: Tripoli- at a construction site

Time of harassment:  10-16: Daytime / عز النهار

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