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I told the driver: “You’ve got a sex-addict passenger who assaults women!” and he threw the guy off the bus!!

I finished work at 5:30 PM in Ashrafieh and went out looking for a cab to go back home. I spotted a bus (bus number 2) and boarded it. I thought it’s a good idea, it’ll be a direct way and i’d spare more money at the same time.

The bus was full. I sat on a small seat in the front row, next to a guy who was apparently sleeping. As the bus began moving, the guy started to wake up and more passengers came in and were standing in the bus.

I felt like the guy’s leg hit mine; I didn’t give this an importance, as it’s not the first time people’s legs hit me in buses or cabs.

But.. later that feeling became more consistent, and as i was trying to get away from the guy i noticed he was getting closer to me, and i felt something like a hard ball on my leg!!!

Then i turned my head lightly… And I saw that he was holding his d*ck and rubbing it against my leg !!! I quickly jumped off my seat and yelled at him, then reported him to the driver: “You’ve got a sex-addict passenger who assaults women!” the driver got mad, punched the guy on his face and head, and literally threw him out of the bus.

The other passengers were stunned. I kept sitting next to the driver until some seats were empty, then a lady asked me to sit next to her.

Isn’t transportation safe anymore ?!

Submitted by R.A.

Location: Monot, Achrafiye

Time of harassment: 16-20: Afternoon Rush Hour / العصر

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