About / من نكون

We are a group of independent activists working to resist harassment on Lebanon’s streets and in all realms of Lebanese society. Public space and private space is OUR space, and we have a right to exist without harassment on the basis of our sex, race, gender, or any other criteria.

We aim to create a society without harassment by:

-Actively reporting incidences of harassment

-Developing and creating access to a set of tools for women and men who want to resist harassment in their daily lives

-Promoting campaigns that actively work to achieve this goal in Lebanon, the region, and worldwide.

We work on and through Nasawiya, a feminist collective in Lebanon, as well as the Adventures of Salwa.


Qawame Harassment


2 responses to “About / من نكون

  1. hello could one help as photo journalist ?
    or what other ways are possibile to contribute to your compaign ?
    thank you

  2. qawemeharassment

    Hi olga!
    Great to hear from you! It’s possible to contribute in any way you can think to! If you fill out the volunteer with us form we can email you and discuss further and in more detail how we can work together!

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