A stranger harassed me via mobile- and my friends blamed me!

I am writing this while anger eats me inside.

I feel that sexual harrassment is still a very sensitive subject that should be denounced more often, and I’d like to thank every group who denounces it with no fear. I knew how much women suffered about sexual harassment every day in a country where this kind of behavior is banalized and normalized, still I never truly and personally experienced this ugly feeling until last night.

I’m glad that what happened wasn’t a “live shock”, I know there are much worse cases (rape for example – and I hope one that one day I’ll be able to make a difference about it), but I still find it necessary for me to talk about it.

So it was 3 in the morning, and I was sleeping after a long day, when I suddenly receive a message via WhatsApp from a number I do not know. (70-017 169). It was a man talking to me (A man I do not know- I checked), and I quote : “hal soder yalli 3leyke chou raddou3, ana bmout bi bzezik w be7lam marmegh w farfik wejje bayneton”.

Not thinking straight at 3 in the morning, I started insulting him out of anger. A few minutes later, as a sign of courage and manliness, he sends me two pictures of his penis, claiming that “we’ve met a few times on the streets of Achrafieh and that it was perfectly normal for him to do so”.

Seeing how angry I was getting, he adds: “Ma bat7ebbe 7adan ywarjeeke hal no3 men el mashe3er?”. In other words : Why aren’t you prostrating yourself infront of my oh so very powerful arm. (“Adeeb”, as he calls it).

But what surprised and shook me even more was my friend’s reaction, who accused me of ‘giving my number to people I barely knew’, response that illustrates very well the sick-sexually frustrated/frustrating society we live in, where sexual harrassment follows you into your own house and in your sleep and where the first reaction you get after this kind of incident is: “giving your number to strangers is bad”, but a random guy harrassing you, sending pictures of his penis and sexually humiliating you is normal. I pity this kind of mentality, I find this revolting and non-acceptable.

Submitted by Anonymous

Location: Achrafieh

Time of harassment:   2-6: Late Night / ما بعد منتصف الليل

Do you have a personal experience with sexual harassment or assault you would like to share? Please click here and fill out the online submission form. All submissions are posted anonymously unless you specify.

هل لديك تجربة شخصية مع التحرش الجنسي أو الاعتداء تريد مشاركته ؟ الرجاء الضغط هنا


5 responses to “A stranger harassed me via mobile- and my friends blamed me!

  1. Mohamad Majzoub

    Yes; you’re right. He may also be trying numbers at random, and he got lucky with one number being for a girl. WhatsApp providers are aware that such a thing may occur, and therefore, they’d recommend that one instantly blocks this person (without any reply) after they see such a message. So, I guess if such a thing occurs in the future – WhatsApp or BB or whatever – this is the best way to handle it; and I’m sorry to hear that with you it turned out to be this way.

  2. Disgusting behavior. According to a number tracing software (True Caller), his name is Oday Maleh. Tar and feather him at will.
    He might have known your name and used it to find your number through that same software. Mohamad’s advice is the best solution I think; instant blocking without a single reply. And smart idea from you to keep his number and post it here.

    • Mohamad Majzoub

      Yes Chris; I completely agree. He should be defamed, so that no one like him dares to do a similar thing again (By the way, I doubt that he’s Lebanese).

  3. This is absolutely disgusting!! I USED to know this guy, he tended to be somewhat psychotic but i never knew he could sink to that level. TFEH!!

  4. Oday Maleh

    I thought about this a lot, mainly about whether it was better to have this thread publicly humiliate me without me replying with an apology, or to reply and apologize, even if it no longer means anything… so I’ve decided to reply and apologize for what I’ve done and for all of the hardship that I’ve caused you. I am so sorry.

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