Sexually Harassed in the Service

I was young back then and didn’t know what to do. It happened with me twice the 1st time I was 15 in Zahle and the 2nd time I was 18 in Dbayeh. Both drivers made me sit in the front seat I don’t remember why, probably the back seats were taken. Both of them put their hands on my tight and kissed me on the cheek as I was getting out. Now that I think of what happened I get mad and I wish I did something about it.

Submitted by Anonymous

Location: Dbayeh & Zahle

Time of harassment:  10-16: Daytime / عز النهار

Do you have a personal experience with sexual harassment or assault you would like to share? Please click here and fill out the online submission form. All submissions are posted anonymously unless you specify.

هل لديك تجربة شخصية مع التحرش الجنسي أو الاعتداء تريد مشاركته ؟ الرجاء الضغط هنا


One response to “Sexually Harassed in the Service

  1. It’s a common reaction in situations like these to freeze or not know what to do. I think back on my assault and wish I had done something more, but we cannot control what our bodies and brains do to protect themselves. It’s absolutely not your fault.

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