I saw her harassed in Dawra- but I took this picture & the guy got scared and ran away!

i was participating into the Protest against our Sectarian system on Sunday 26/2/2012 in Dawra Area .

We were waiting to start the Protest and i was taking photos around.
Suddenly i saw this man trying to stop this women . And he touched her and tried to stay infront of her by closing the street to not let her pass.

She tried to cross and pass by moving his body away from her by her hand as you can see . And when he turned, and saw me taking this photo…He turned and left , maybe scared from any kind of Reactions we will take to stop him from doing that again .

And in this way, she left too and continue walking forward and crossed the Road .

Shame on him and this stupid mentality of thinking of Women …

Submitted by Abdallah

Location: Dawra

Time of harassment: 16-20: Afternoon Rush Hour / العصر

Do you have a personal experience with sexual harassment or assault you would like to share? Please click here and fill out the online submission form. All submissions are posted anonymously unless you specify.

هل لديك تجربة شخصية مع التحرش الجنسي أو الاعتداء تريد مشاركته ؟ الرجاء الضغطهنا


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