A Message to Parents: Listen to Your Kids When They Ask for Help!

For almost 2 years i was obliged to go each weekend to grandpa’s home, because all the family (aunts, uncles, cousins) meet there.

I was 11 when i first started telling my parents that i don’t want to go there, but they thought that I’m “not sociable” and they made me go there, 1st for my “sociable” personality and second because it’s “not safe” to keep an 11 years old girl alone at home. What my parents didn’t know was that “grandpa’s home was not safe”.

I had this 5 years older cousin who always had games for his younger cousins, usually the game would be hide and seek, my other cousin used to seek and we hide, and he starts squeezing my breasts, and touching me “down” in a very bad way… and that was the game for two years, and whenever i said i didn’t want to play he used to go to my mom and ask her what’s wrong with your daughter she’s not playing, and start saying that I’m fun screwier in front of my other cousins, and the same thing happened when we went to the TV room or anyplace where we are alone…

I’ll not talk about the consequences of this harassment, because now that i’m 23 i haven’t healed enough from this annoying experience. But a message for parents, when your kids don’t want to do something, it’s not because they are stubborn or because they have personality issues, try to find the real reasons why they don’t want to do things, and help them face them.

Submitted by Anonymous

Location: Beqaa Valley

Time of harassment:   10-16: Daytime / عز النهار

Do you have a personal experience with sexual harassment or assault you would like to share? Please click here and fill out the online submission form. All submissions are posted anonymously unless you specify.

هل لديك تجربة شخصية مع التحرش الجنسي أو الاعتداء تريد مشاركته ؟ الرجاء الضغط هنا وملء استمارة التقديم على الانترنت. وتنشر جميع التقارير مجهول ما لم تحدد


2 responses to “A Message to Parents: Listen to Your Kids When They Ask for Help!

  1. Mohamad Majzoub

    Thanks for your post. What’s good about today’s world is that with the internet and the ability of kids to access knowledge about any topic; they can easily see that this thing is not “normal” during games. And they can find a way to tell their parents indirectly what was annoying them so the latters find a way to stop it.
    Personally, I think such an experience (like you explained it) at such a young age shouldn’t be that dramatic for that long (more than 10 years) although I understand the gravity of the indirect consequences.

  2. Dear Mohamed, as a man you wouldn’t understand how such an experience could be so dramatic because you have likely never been violated in such a way. To have be taken advantage of sexually at a young age by a family member is a traumatizing experience. To be so lacking in personal power is a foreign concept to most men. Not only is sexual assault an affront to a woman, but it affects self-esteem, identity, and self-worth. A culture that discourages open discussion of such topics only makes matters worse.

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