UPDATE: Story of Molestation at AUB

UPDATE: The writer of the story wrote us again to clarify a bit about the story we published a few days ago about a woman whose young daughter was molested at AUB and was met with unhelpful security who blamed her for the incident: “I wanted to point out that after 30 minutes a security guard did come and ask for a description but it was far too late for anything to come of it.”

We’ve received a number of different stories and heard plenty others of incidents of sexual harassment at the American University of Beirut. As a result, we’re interested in getting together a group of volunteers, especially of AUB students or those who have had negative experiences on campus, to work on a campaign to pressure AUB for a better policy to deal with sexual harassment. Please send an email to salwa@adventuresofsalwa.com for more info.

Also, we’d like to get some more information specifically about this story, so if the anonymous author could please email we would very much appreciate it!

-The Qaweme Harassment Team


One response to “UPDATE: Story of Molestation at AUB

  1. Thatlittlegirl

    Look, i am the girl who was Caught by a 30 year old man, i am going to give you a detailed but short story. Here it goes : i was at a.u.b with my mother, Usually she goes to the gym, i go to to the playground. I had gone to the playground, i got bored so i decided to go check on my mom, i see a few cats, i go near them to pet them, a man comes by, he was bald, looked in his 30s wore a blue striped shirt, Leather brown shoes, and jeans, he gave me a creepy grin and asked me if i would take a walk with him, i said no knowing that he would try to do something to me, he came closer, i got more scared, he then grabs my hand touching my buttox ( wich made me feel VERY unconfortable ) and he took me closer and closer to a room, he placed me on the ground, but then i just kicked him in the ( Erm….) and i sprinted running away i then took a peek if he was still there, but he’d ran away… i then go to a women officer and explain everything, she takes me to my mother, Shocked, she calls from the emergency phone, the police-man said the same thing, my mother got enraged, there was then another officer and i told him details and he said he was going to “search” for him…. then i return home to my house in hamra. Later on there was the shakira concert. i really stay with my cousins and are their friends and they went to the concert too. One of my cousins brought his friend, i then told the story to both of them, i detailed the guy. And surprisingly, It was the exact man that matched the man who was running out of a.u.b after their football rehersal at I.C——————————–thank You

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