Harassed on the bus- while surrounded by friends! “I kept thinking, ‘There’s no way he’s actually doing that.’”

I was on the bus going to Batroun with some friends. I had just finished joking about how, one time on the bus a guy had tried to sit next to me even though the bus virtually empty. I had woken up my friend from across the aisle and had her sit next to me instead. So, I was joking about this and it happened again.

This time, I didn’t have my backpack in the seat to block the person from sitting down. So this random guy of about twenty sat down next to me before I could object or even think twice, even though the bus was half empty, and even though I was obviously with a group of friends.

They were all sitting behind me, so I didn’t think this guy would try anything. I was looking out the window for a while, and when I looked over at the guy I noticed he was stroking himself. I was too surprised to even react. I just looked away quickly and kept thinking, “There’s no way he’s actually doing that.”

I turned around to two of my friends sitting right behind me, one of them a guy, and said that the person next to me was masturbating. They were perplexed as well, and asked if I wanted to move. Really, we were all thinking slowly. It hadn’t hit any of us that a person would actually masturbate next to me in bright sunlight in a half filled bus, especially when I had been yelling back and forth with about 6 friends that were all sitting nearby, but out of view of this stranger’s pants.

I said that I would sit in the back with them, and started getting up, and the boy touched the back of my leg when I did. I freaked out finally and yelled at him to move and went to sit in the back of the bus where my friends looked at me kind of funny, and the one guy friend sitting right behind him was yelling at the twenty something year old asking if something was wrong.

My guy friend yelled to the back of the bus at me if I wanted him to tell the bus driver and get him kicked off. I said I didn’t think the bus driver would do anything, but then he did not have to because the offender quickly got up and asked the bus driver to stop in the middle of the highway and let him off.

I wish I would have pushed him away or let my friend speak to the driver, but it felt like it wasn’t happening. I was with a group of friends, and it was a sunny day on a bus that did have about ten other people on it besides my friends.

I’m still shocked and grossed out because it wasn’t even blatant harassment or trying to grab at me, but he obviously chose to sit next to me for the sole purpose of getting me to see him touch himself.

No words, no acknowledgment, like I’m not even a human that he could say hello to or even look in the eyes.

Submitted by MFR

Location: Bus en route to Batroun

Time of harassment:  10-16: Daytime / عز النهار

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هل لديك تجربة شخصية مع التحرش الجنسي أو الاعتداء تريد مشاركته ؟ الرجاء الضغط هنا وملء استمارة التقديم على الانترنت. وتنشر جميع التقارير مجهول ما لم تحدده


3 responses to “Harassed on the bus- while surrounded by friends! “I kept thinking, ‘There’s no way he’s actually doing that.’”

  1. The same thing happened to me once in a service.. The driving was masturbating and looking at me in the mirror.. I was alone with him in the car and it was freaky!!

  2. Mohamad Majzoub

    This case (if true as described) is the most severe one of all written incidents on the blog till now as the victim can’t do anything in such a position and obviously she took into consideration all normal precautions (day time, group of frds around, half-full bus…etc), but I guess such a specific case would be rare (more bogs will show if that is true or no).

  3. It happened to a friend of mine here in Paris, she is Hungarian so not with our oriental sometimes stupid and unhealthy shyness when the guy started doing his thing she screamed at him so loudly and threatened to call the police and made such a riot the guy simply was too scared …silence in this case is NOT good, coz the idea of getting out with it is as much exciting to them as exhibitionism …next time just use ur god given lungs …to the MAX

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